Post holiday depression

As I sit here on Sunday thinking through my upcoming week, I also recognize that I experience some post holiday depression.  When I think about the upcoming week, and all the schedules I need to manage, all the other peoples needs that will become active, how waking up before its light outside actually impacts how I feel.  I also recognize that my children also experience a form of post holiday depression as well.  My children have already gotten annoyed by my constant asking of questions about their homework, our schedule for the upcoming week, and my need to get them back into a routine that allows our home to function harmoniously.  With recognition of this post holiday depression, I find it even more important to identify what is happening, why its happening and what I can do to help ease into the transition of our upcoming week.  I find that using these 4 simple words help me prepare for what ahead of me:

Recognize, Acknowledge, Prepare and Understand:

  1.  Recognize that doing something that feels relaxing during the day is important.
  2. Acknowledging that I manage so many things reminds me that this feeling of being overwhelmed is not one that is made up, its reality.
  3. Preparing as much as can the night before, without it feeling like work, so that starting Monday I feel more in control.
  4. Understanding that life is difficult, and reminding myself to take moments throughout the day to breathe deeply.

How do some of you transition post holiday back into reality?

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